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Beginning buttercream Decorating Set


Cake Decorating is Easy!
Want to get your feet wet? Don’t be afraid… you can dive right into cake decorating with these easy-to-use pans and tools! 


Beginning Buttercream Decorating Set
This set is perfect for beginners, with illustrated directions to help you learn to decorate, you'll be creating fabulous cakes and treats right away! 20 pc. decorating set.

Pinata Cake Pan



Pinata Cake Pan
Unique, fun, and oh-so easy! Break into a Pinata Cake for a delicious surprise - you can create animals, sports balls, faces and more. Clear instructions make this cake pan set easy to use, even for the novice decorator.

Trim and Turn Ultra Cake Stand



Trim and Turn Ultra Cake Stand
No cake decorator is without a smooth glide turntable! The 12” platform will turn left or right, with a push tab to easily lock it in place, plus arched sides for an easy grip while decorating.

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Kitchen Krafts, Your Partner in Food Crafting Success, offers home baking supplies, cake decorating supplies, candy making supplies & home canning supplies.

Kitchen Krafts specializes in home baking supplies, cake decorating supplies, candy making supplies and home canning supplies. We stock all those hard-to-find tools and supplies that you need for special get-togethers and holiday celebrations. From cupcake making supplies and ingredients to display stands and novelty cake pans, we carry it all, including brands you know so well like Wilton, Nordic Ware, Chicago Metallic, Ball, Merckens and more.

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