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Sunset Orange Liqua Gel color


Try something new in 2019!
Check out our exciting new products and some of our most popular ingredients!

New Liquid Gel Colors from Chefmaster
Liqua-Gels are formulated to give your icing the perfect color without altering the taste, texture, or consistency. Great for coloring icings, fondants, frosting, and more! Vegan-friendly, Gluten-free, and made in the USA! 28 new colors in Small (.70 oz.) or Large (2.3 oz.) no-drip bottles.

Red Redi-Dec Icing


Red Redi-Dec Icing
Save time and avoid the mess of mixing in colors with this ready-to-use icing. This buttercream will spread and pipe well, and the red color is deep and non-fading - perfect for cookies and cupcakes! 1 lb.

Hi-Ratio Shortening
By far our most popular ingredient! This shortening is designed specifically for bakers, so your buttercream icing will whip beautifully, and your pie crusts will be flaky and light. You'll never go back to regular store brands! 3 lbs.

Rose gold Tiered Cake Stand


Rose Gold Tiered Cake Stand
This versatile kit includes sturdy, reliable steel bases in a beautiful rose gold color and stunning geometric design -  everything you need to create a strong and lovely structure. Easily decorate with fresh flowers or succulents for a trendy look! 19 pc. set.

Sprinkle Magic Wand
Sprinkle some edible magic fairy dust with the Sprinkle Magic Wand! Easily adds the perfect amount of sprinkles or sugar to any creation. Easily decorate with everything from powdered sugar to large sprinkles.

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