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Silicone Round Chocolate Truffle Mold


Holiday Candy and Chocolate!
Shop now for all your Christmas candy supplies! Our selection is going fast, so don’t forget to stock up on chocolate, candy filling, candy boxes, and candy cups. We have everything you need to create beautiful, high-quality chocolate truffles, filled chocolates and homemade candy. Don’t forget the Peppermint Crunch!

Silicone Round Chocolate Truffle Mold
Sink your teeth into an inviting mound of chocolate lusciousness! This silicone mold will create a perfect spherical shape with high detail. Makes truffles, chocolates, butters, spreads, ice and more! Safe for use in freezer and oven. Step-by-step instructions included.

chocolate candy melter


Chocolate Candy Melter
Not only can this Candy Melter be used to make large quantities of candy, but it's also a fondue bowl for dipping fruits, cookies and salty treats. You name it, you can dip it! The 2 lb. stainless steel melter bowl is just the right size for molding multiple pieces. Includes instructions and recipes. 

Merckens Dark Chocolate
Delicious REAL Merckens Dark chocolate is developed specifically for use in candy making. Deep and rich in flavor, it requires tempering to make molded chocolates. Also will give a quick lift to biscotti, cookies and strawberries, and can be used in all your favorite baking recipes! Merckens brand. 2 lb. bag.

Blue Snowflakes Candy Boxes


Blue Snowflakes Candy Boxes
Let it snow with these beautiful snowflake boxes - perfect for homemade candy, truffles, cookies, or other small gifts! Will remind you of softly falling snow on Christmas Eve and sweet family memories. These boxes need no wrapping and are easy to assemble. Sold in packages of 5.

Snowflake Decorative Foil
To go along with the candy boxes, wrap your individual chocolate truffles in this decorative foil. Cut to fit your candy. 12 ft. roll.

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