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Hints, Ideas and Trends from Kitchen Krafts

Leaves and Apples Pie Top Cutter Pie for Thanksgiving... Make yours stunningly delicious!

Make the crust fancy!  Dress up your pies to serve at Thanksgiving. Use the Leaves and Apples Pie Top Cutter to cut a fancy design in the top pie crust. This is an easy tool to use for all your apple and berry pies. Add some extra decoration on your pumpkin pie with the Pie Decorating Kit. You can create fancy edges and create pie dough cut outs to lay on the edges of the pie for a Thanksgiving theme. One of our most popular tools for sealing the edges of your pie is a Krimp Kut Sealer.

Don't burn the edges during baking - use a pie crust shield for optimal baking. And save oven clean-up time from pie boil-overs with an oven pie guard to catch all the juicy drips.

Here are the secrets to making a perfect pie crust.

Homemade Blueberry Pie Show off your pie! Once you have finished baking your delicious pie, use a bakery box with a window so everyone can see it! Our Autumn Leaf Window Pie Boxes are lovely for a fall or Thanksgiving theme. Or if your favorite things come in brown paper packages tied with a string, transport your pie in a plain Kraft pie box and you can do the decorating!

Now that you have the tools and supplies, here are a couple of recipes to get you started...
Double-Crust Flakey Pie Crust and Fabulous Apple Pie

One more must have recipe - this thanksgiving try amazing Blueberry Pie!

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