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Fillables 9 inch Square Pan

Fall Baking – Breads, Cookies, Cakes and Pies
Warm up with our best fall baking products! Bring the aroma of homemade bread to the kitchen, or a delicious cake warm from the oven. We have new and exciting cookie recipes, and the perfect way to make pie crust. Fall into the rich flavors of the season!

It's as easy as making a regular cake, but a whole lot more fun! This special pan creates little pockets in your cake that you can fill with candy, sprinkles, marshmallows, fruit... you name it! Everyone gets their favorite filling when using Fillables™ - It's like getting two desserts in one! Set of 2 pans.

flexible Loaf Pan Liner

Caramel Apple Mulling Spice
Mulling spices aren't just for drinks, you can make delicious caramel apple spiced cider - but this mulling spice can also be used in place of sugar in your favorite recipes - such as apple pie, muffins, sugar cookies or carrot cake.

Non-stick Flexible Loaf Pan Liner
Don't grease your loaf pans! This non-stick liner fits in all types of baking pans; metal, glass, ceramic...etc. Plus it will have no effect on baking time or temperature. Simply insert liner into pan, pour batter into the liner, and when baked just slide it out. Your pan stays as good as new with no baked-on residue.

Silicone pastry Mat

Silicone Pastry Mat
A pastry mat and baking mat all-in-one! This non-stick silicone baking/pastry mat will lay flat on your counter top and not move or bunch up as you roll and work pie dough. Stain-proof and stick-resistant, no greasing required. With easy-to-read measurements and handy conversions, we highly recommend this silicone mat for your kitchen!

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