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PolishPots Summer Do-It-Yourself project - FERMENTATION

More and more people are talking about fermented foods – why? Mainly because fermenting foods make them taste good. Who doesn’t enjoy sauerkraut on their brat or a dill pickle with their sandwich? Or hard cider, or cheese, or yogurt – the list goes on…

So start preserving your vegetables the traditional way with less work. Natural fermentation allows vegetables to retain more vitamins and minerals. And contrary to modern beliefs, bacteria can be a good thing!

We have recently added new traditional beautiful European design fermentation pots. Our German Style Harvest Pots have a sleek more modern looking design. From 5L to 20L – choose the pot of your choice for a reasonable price. For an old world design our Polish Fermentation Pots have an airtight-sealable cover – perfect for making sauerkraut and Kimchi and comes with stone weights.

We even have our own small 1 gallon pickling kit to get you started. To be even more successful try starter culture to provide an ideal environment and stabilize the process.

Enjoy the benefits of natural fermentation - start your DIY fermentation project this summer!

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